First Baptist Church, Immokalee, Florida
Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Baptist Immokalee

Our Church.... Our Home....
FBI is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-generation family of believers who invite every race to the friendship of Jesus.  We speak English because most all of our second generation speaks English.  We HONOR all languages but one of our goals is to help every person succeed in this community, thus we use the English language as a tool.
Sunday: 9:30am Bible Study for all ages:  10:45am Worship Service with Praise Team;  6:30PM Evening Worship & Small Groups
1411 Lake Trafford Rd, Immokalee, FL 34142;  The Corner of Lake Trafford Rd & Hwy 29
We also have a Haitian Creole church family that meets at the same time Sunday mornings in another part of the building.  This is a loving church family who invites all who desire to hear teaching from God's Word in Haitian Creole.  Please come join them.
Nou gen tou yon kreyòl ayisyen legliz la fanmi ki aux an menm tan matin Dimanch nan yon lòt pati nan kay la.  Sa se yon renmen fanmi legliz la ki envite tout moun ki anvi tande moutre kenbe menm pwomès Bondye nan kreyòl ayisyen.  Tanpri vini jwenn yo.

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